Gary Glitter Rock an Roll Part1

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Rock and Roll Gary Gliter´s Greatest Hits

Rock and Roll Gary Gliyter's Greatest Hits
Álbum Recopilatorio de Gary Glitter
País de origen: Inglaterra
Año: 1991
Género: Glam Rock
Discográfica: Arena Records

1. Rock and Roll parte 2
2. Do you wanna touch me (Oh yeah)
3. I'm the leader of the gang (I Am)
4. The wanderer
5. I didn't I love you (Till I saw you Rock and Roll)
6. Rock On
7. Hello, hello I'm back again
8. Baby please don't go
9. Remember me this way
10. I love you, love me love
11. Doing allright with the boys
12. Love like you and me
13. Always yours
14. Oh yes, you're beatiful
15. You belong to me
16. Rock and Roll parte 2

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